Model TrainingHow the Modeling Industry is Becoming Inclusive

How the Modeling Industry is Becoming Inclusive

India’s modeling industry is evolving to be more inclusive, focusing on empowerment, acceptance, and celebrating the beauty of diversity. Collaboration is being embraced as a powerful tool in promoting diversity and inclusion in fashion, with brands teaming up with diverse influencers, models, and designers to amplify voices that have been marginalized.

Fashion brands prioritizing inclusivity aim to empower marginalized communities through their designs, marketing, and overall brand ethos. These brands challenge traditional beauty standards and promote inclusivity and acceptance within the industry.

Óneira Talent Studio has made a conscious effort to diversify its casting choices, ensuring that its models represent various backgrounds and identities. This includes casting models of different races, sizes, abilities, and gender identities, challenging the industry norm of only showcasing a select few.

Evolution of inclusivity in the modelling industry

The Rise of Diversity in Modeling

The fashion and modeling industry has experienced a significant change, as it now celebrates diversity and challenges traditional stereotypes. The emergence of inclusive modeling signifies a major shift in society’s perception of beauty. It aims to break the narrow standards that have been prevalent in the industry for too long. It empowered individuals from diverse backgrounds to feel acknowledged and valued.

Óneira Talent Studio has made a conscious effort to diversify its casting choices. The fashion model academy ensures that its models represent various backgrounds and identities. This includes casting models of different races, sizes, abilities, and gender identities.

Celebrating Different Body Types

Celebrating different body types is an important and necessary step in promoting body positivity and self-love. Every individual is unique, and our bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and proportions. It is important to recognize and celebrate this diversity rather than promoting a narrow and unrealistic ideal of beauty.

To promote body positivity and self-acceptance, the Óneira Talent Studio has begun celebrating and showcasing models of all shapes and sizes. By featuring models with diverse body types, they convey that beauty comes in all forms and should be celebrated.

Let’s embrace and celebrate the beauty of diversity in all its forms and create a more inclusive and empowering environment for everyone.

Challenging Beauty Standards

The industry is starting to challenge traditional beauty standards by featuring models with unconventional looks and unique features. This helps to broaden the definition of beauty and celebrate individuality.

Many companies like Óneira and designers are now using models of various sizes and backgrounds to showcase their products and better reflect the diversity of their customer base.

Also, models speak out against unrealistic beauty standards and the pressures to conform to a certain look. They advocate for self-acceptance and body positivity, encouraging people to embrace their unique features and not feel pressured to fit a narrow definition of beauty.

The modeling industry is gradually shifting towards a more diverse and inclusive outlook on beauty and is actively striving to break down and redefine conventional beauty norms.

Celebrating Ethnic and Cultural Diversity

The fashion industry is transforming due to changing consumer preferences for more inclusive representation. Brands are now prioritizing diversity and inclusivity in response to the demands of consumers. This has led to a shift towards casting models of varying ethnicities, sizes, ages, and genders to better mirror their diverse customer base.

Internally, there is a movement within the industry to enhance diversity and representation. Models, designers, photographers, and other professionals advocate for more inclusivity and take active steps to drive change. Initiatives like the “50 Shades of Black” campaign have emerged to promote diversity and support models of color in the fashion industry.

Advocating for Representation

The modelling industry needs to continue advocating for representation to ensure that all individuals can see themselves reflected in fashion and beauty campaigns.

By valuing diversity and inclusivity, the industry can help to challenge harmful stereotypes and promote a more positive and accepting environment for models and consumers alike.

Through advocacy efforts, the modeling industry progresses towards a more equitable and diverse landscape that celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of all individuals.

Óneira not only focused on inclusivity within its organization but also advocated for greater representation across the modeling industry.

We work towards promoting diversity in fashion shows, campaigns, and editorials, pushing for a more inclusive and representative industry.


The move towards inclusivity in the modeling industry is a positive step forward that is helping to break down barriers and challenge societal norms. By promoting diversity and representation, the industry sets a new standard for beauty and fashion that is inclusive and empowering for all.

The modeling industry is slowly becoming more inclusive, thanks to the efforts of companies like Óneira Talent Studio, which promote diversity, celebrate different body types, and advocate for representation, paving the way for a more accepting and diverse industry.


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